Coaching and Consulting for Small Business Owners

Welcome Entrepreneurs, Virtual Assistants, Internet Marketers, and Small Business Owners! Toolie is ready to help you with your overall Internet presence. Unlike most web designers, Toolie can teach you how to create, manage, and update your websites and blogs yourself, saving you time and money. You learn usable, repeatable skills that give you an edge over your competition. When opportunities come along, YOU can update your websites and blogs to match the situation.

What's Different About Working with Toolie?

Toolie is herself an entrepeneur and Internet marketer, so she understands the delicate balance between delegating work and knowing how to do some things yourself. When it comes to websites and blogs, there are times to hire a web professional, and other times when it make sense to handle simple tasks yourself. That way you're not stuck waiting for updates, nor will you miss out on business opportunities because you needed to add something to your site overnight or on short notice.

"Toolie has removed the mystery of HTML for me, and she has done this with ease and clarity. I recommend her coaching to every one who is new to websites and blogs."

Dr. Nili Sachs ~ Rockford, MN

Empowerment, Not Dependence!

Rather than making you dependent on her, Toolie prefers to empower you to handle your own website-related tasks. She's designed most of her own websites and blogs as well as creating and working on dozens others, so she's got plenty of hands-on experience with everything from one-page salesletters to brochure websites to blogs to article directories to database-driven websites. Toolie is good at figuring out what's happening with YOUR website, and advising you on ways to enhance it for a more effective web presence.

Make Your Appointment Online

Once you find the service or coaching plan you want, you can choose an appointment time immediately, and pay through our secure server. You can make an appointment as little as 1 hour in advance, or as long as 6 weeks in advance. It couldn't be easier to get help when you need it!

Coaching to Match Your Needs and Your Budget

You can work with Toolie on an hourly basis or for an entire project. Click the links above to browse through the available coaching sessions. You can also work with Toolie to devise a plan to fit your budget.

What Else Can Toolie Do for You?

Need help with something you don't see listed here? Click the Live Chat icon above to ask Toolie about it. She can probably work up a package deal to take care of your websites and blogs.

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