Making an appointment is quick and easy. You need an email address and a credit card or PayPal account to confirm the appointment. Most appointments are approved automatically; those that are not are marked in the description.

  1. Choose the type of appointment.
    • Free Initial Consultation. There is no charge for this 30-minute appointment, but you do need to create an account and book a specific time. This type of appointment is manually approved.
    • Design Your Own Plan Website Coaching. The appointment is approved automatically after payment is received.
    • Prepaid Coaching. You must first purchase a Coaching Package. For more information, see Prepaid Coaching Packages. To book using prepaid time, see How to Book Prepaid Coaching Sessions.
    • select appt
  2. Select an appointment time. You can change the time zone to match yours to ensure you're selecting the correct time for your appointment. The system will display about 2 months of available time slots. You can book an appointment up to 6 weeks in advance. To see the previous and next months, click the left and right double angle brackets (« and »). If you've selected the wrong service and want to start over, just click the red X in the top right corner.
    select date time
  3. Add another appointment as desired. If you have a coupon code, click the Coupon Code link to reveal the box, then enter the code and click Apply. If you entered the code in error, you can click the small X to remove it and reapply a new code.
    apply coupon code composite
  4. Register or Log In. Select your login option:
    • Register or Log In
    • If this is your first appointment, complete the form with your name, email address, and your phone number. Add a Message to Toolie explaining what you'd like to cover in this session. Create your password (your email address is your username), and type in the characters you see. Click Confirm Appointment. Go to your email Inbox and click the confirmation link in the email we send to you before you can finish booking the appointment. Use the Live Chat button above to contact Toolie if you need assistance.
    • Register an Account
    • If you already have an account, log in using your email address and the password you selected. Add a Message to Toolie describing what you're like to cover during your session, being as specific as possible. Click Login.
    • Returning Customers, Please Log In

      Note: If you've forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Password link rather than creating a new account. If you need to change your email address, log in with the old one, and update it in your profile. If you need help, contact Toolie and she can change it for you.
  5. Pay for your Design Your Own Website Coaching appointment. Click the drop-down arrow to select Pay Online.
    • Pay Online
    • The next screen displays a summary of the appointment in invoice format that you can print for your records. Scroll to the bottom and click Pay Online with PayPal or Credit Card at
    • Pay Online
    • You will be directed to PayPal, where you can either use your existing PayPal account OR use a Credit Card. Notice the link below the PayPal login; clicking that link displays a Credit Card payment form instead.
      Where to Click to use a Credit Card on PayPal
  6. Look for the Appointment email from Unless the service appointment is manually approved, you should shortly afterwards receive the Appointment Confirmation email. You will receive an email receipt immediately after payment.
  7. Add the GoToMeeting appointment from Toolie to your calendar. Toolie will review your appointment and send you a GoToMeeting Calendar invitation (.ics) containing a link to join the online meeting at the appropriate time. Save the information and link in your personal calendar.
  8. Enjoy your coaching time! To join your meeting, click the GoToMeeting link about 5 minutes before your session begins. There is a little bit of software that needs to install to run the session, so please allow the installation to continue. You and Toolie will be able to see each other's computer desktops and work together on your websites and blogs. To hear the audio for your GoToMeeting:
    • Use your computer headset with microphone (recommended). The GoToMeeting call quality is excellent, and there are no telephone toll charges to use the built-in audio service. You definitely need the headset though; you can pick one up at a major office supply store for around US$25.
    • Dial in by phone using the conference numbers in the GoToMeeting invitation. If you have a telephone headset, that will leave your hands free to work on the computer. Using a speakerphone is not a good idea; there is usually too much echo and background noise to have a comfortable conversation.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, you can log back into the appointment system. If you forgot your password, click the Forgot Password link, and the system will send one to you so that you can log in and adjust the appointment time.

Let's get started!