Toolie Garner has worked with computers of every size and shape over the last 25 years, including 10 years’ employment at Microsoft® as a programmer, tester, technical writer, and program manager. Toolie has spoken to audiences in 24 countries on Microsoft Windows® and database programming. She is a published author, speaker, and technology educator, and business travel expert.

Since leaving Microsoft in 2003, Toolie has been working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and associations to find cost-effective solutions to technology challenges. Through her speaking, consulting, live training classes, and online webinars, Toolie helps businesses get the most of the technology they already have, and make smart choices when it’s time to upgrade.

Toolie is a trained educator, with over 20 years' experience in teaching computer skills to adults. Her patient, encouraging style puts you at ease and instills confidence. Just click the following link to make an appointment.