This page is for clients who have already purchased Coaching Packages. All others, please use the instructions on the How to Make an Appointment with Toolie page.

Coaching packages are sold in 1-hour increments but you can book appointments in increments of 30 minutes (30, 60, 90) by selecting contiguous appointment times.

The appointment system tracks each block of coaching time separately but you can use the available time from each block. If you have 30 minutes left in one block and 120 in the other, and you want to book 60 minutes, find two (2) 30-minute slots next to each other, and use the remaining 30 minutes for the first slot and 30 minutes for the next contiguous slot from the second block. Toolie will treat the 2 appointments as one block of time, as long as one immediately follows the other.

NOTE: Coaching Package purchases are good for 6 months (180 days) only. After that, the appointment system will expire your available time automatically, no exceptions, and no refunds. Please keep track of your available time so you do not lose it. See the end of this page for instructions on checking your balance.
  1. If not already logged in, log into the appointment system using your previously selected email and password.
  2. Click on the down arrow next to your name, and select Balance from the User menu.
    • Your available time slot balance is displayed.
    • Available Balance
  3. Click the Schedule Now button.
    • Schedule Now
  4. Select the first appointment time you wish to book. If you want to book more than 30 minutes at a time, be sure that there are enough contiguous (in a row) appointment slots to match the amount of time you want to spend with Toolie. For this example, we'll use two (2) 30-minute time slots next to each other.
    • Select the First Appointment
  5. On the next screen, instead of clicking Proceed, select Add Another Appointment.
    • Click Add Another Appointment
  6. You'll see the Can Be Paid by Balance marker next to the service. Select the adjacent time slot.

    can be paid by balance
    select second appt
  7. On the next screen, you see the 2 appointments in your cart. Add a Message to Toolie explaining what you'd like to cover during your appointment time, then click Proceed.
    • Two appointments ready for payment
  8. On the Payment Required screen, the payment method defaults to Use Balance, based on the available time you've already purchased. If you decide you would rather pay using PayPal or a credit/debit card, just change the payment method by clicking the arrow as shown. Otherwise, click Pay by Balance.
    • Two appointments ready for payment
  9. The Status screen shows that the appointments have been successfully paid using your existing balance. Toolie will treat these contiguous time slots as one appointment, and plan accordingly based on the message you sent.
    • Prepaid appointments successfully booked
  10. You can review your existing appointments and your remaining balance anytime by clicking the arrow next to your name and selecting the desired option from the menu.
    • Check appointments and balance
  11. Add the GoToMeeting appointment from Toolie to your calendar. Toolie will review your appointment and send you a GoToMeeting Calendar invitation (.ics) containing a link to join the online meeting at the appropriate time. Save the information and link in your personal calendar.
  12. Enjoy your coaching time! To join your meeting, click the GoToMeeting link about 5 minutes before your session begins. There is a little bit of software that needs to install to run the session, so please allow the installation to continue. You and Toolie will be able to see each other's computer desktops and work together on your websites and blogs. To hear the audio for your GoToMeeting:
    • Use your computer headset with microphone (recommended). The GoToMeeting call quality is excellent, and there are no telephone toll charges to use the built-in audio service. You definitely need the headset though; you can pick one up at a major office supply store for around US$25.
    • Dial in by phone using the conference numbers in the GoToMeeting invitation. If you have a telephone headset, that will leave your hands free to work on the computer. Using a speakerphone is not a good idea; there is usually too much echo and background noise to have a comfortable conversation.

If you want to purchase more time, use the instructions on the How to Buy Prepaid Coaching Sessions page.